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Ritter Farms is our Ministry.  We strive to serve the Lord in everything we do.  From our radio show, which is bluegrass gospel and old-time gospel, to our farm market, we focus on serving God and spreading His light abroad.We serve a Sovereign and Holy God.  It is by His Grace and through His Power that we are able to proclaim His Message. To God be the glory.
The sermons that have been a part of our radio show are in mp3 format.  The player on this page has changed.  When you click on a sermon, a player will open and the sermon will start immediately.  To get back to this page, simply click the back button.  If you have problems with these files contact us at (865)767-2575 or e-mail us at radioshow@ritterfarms.com.  If you want to download the sermons to your computer, right click and choose the option "save link as."
Jesus said, "And ye shall know the truth, And the truth
shall make you free."  John 8:32
                                This Week's Sermon:    The True Doctrine of Free Grace

 Jack Ritter Sermons

God's Children Must Choose
Christians, Repent and Cry Out to God!
When God Opposed the Prophets
Judgement Must Begin at the House of God
The Ultimate Authority on the Greatest Doctrine
A Message for the New Year
The Christmas Story
Only God Justifies the Guilty
God Cannot Be Defeated
A Thanksgiving Message
Cry Unto the Lord
Jesus Is the Light
Satisfied with Christ's Sacrifice
Free Will Is Bondage
All God's Children Have Been Redeemed
Woe to the Evil and Wicked
The Sin of Unbelief
God's Message of Comfort
Lest Any Man Should Boast
The Truth Sets You Free
An Old Message for New Times
The Straight Path
How Does Man Know God?
Man's Duty to Fear God
Choosing God or Mammon
God Does Not Take Chances
One World Religion
Christ's Power and Authority, Not Man's
No Condemnation for the Elect
The Importance of Truth
No One Has An Excuse
Has America Forgotten God?
Memorial Hypocrisy
Workers of Iniquity
Man's Doctrine of Excuses
God Is Sovereign!
He Is Risen!
Perverting the Gospel
God Creates New Creatures in Christ
Make His Path Straight
Stealing God's Glory
The Divinely Inspired Word of God
Complete or Incomplete?
Church Without a Voice
The Greatest Lie Ever Told
Fruit or No Fruit
Recognizing God
The Line Drawn in the Sand
Lessons from God
Why Jesus Christ?
The Purpose of Christ's Birth
Worshiping in Light or Worshiping in Darkness?
Political Correctness Equals Spiritual Blindness
Where Is Your Hiding Place?
Paint It Any Color - It's Still EVIL
Destruction of a Nation through Family and Church
PharaohCare - Welcome Back to Egypt!
God's Earthly and Heavenly Kingdoms

Wickedness from the Top

God's No Vacancy Sign

God's Spiritual Nation

Being Right with God

The Dispute Concerning God's Covenant of Grace

The Most Important Doctrine

How Is One Born into the Kingdom of God?

The Spirit and the Flesh

Contending for the Faith

Memorial Day: Will It Be Our Last?

Never Return to Egypt

How Satan Accomplishes His Goal

Denying Christ

The Work Is Finished; The Victory Is Won!

Search the Scriptures

The Reason for the Times

The Spirit of Evil in Our Times

Beware the Times

The Signs of the Times

The Righteous and the Wicked

The Absence of God

The Possible and the Impossible

The Parable of Sovereign Grace

Left on the Cross

Will You Compromise?

What Do We Do Now?

Final Warning

God Is the Potter - We Are the Clay

Interpreting the Scriptures

This Is Why Men Have Changed the Gospel

Why Change the Gospel?

How Badly Does America Want Rid of God?

The Church of the Living God

The Depth of Life

Glorifying God


Spiritual Wickedness

The Purpose of God

The Perfect Work of Christ

God's Doctrine or Man's Traditions?

Christ on Trial - Yesterday and Today

God's Warning to Israel and America

God is in Control

God is God, and We're Not

There is a Cleansing Coming

Where Is Your Treasure?

Staring a National Disaster in the Face

God Does Not Change


The Season of Love

The War on Christianity

God Declares His Sovereignty

The End of the World

The World Turned Upside Down

Not Made With Hands

Upon This Rock

Who Is An Israelite?

Misunderstanding Sovereignty and Grace

Is God or Man the Origin of Your Doctrine?

An Holy Calling

Election, Salvation, and Regeneration

Worshiping the Creature

Two Doctrines - Which Do You Believe?

Joy and Comfort in Freedom

No Ability - No Responsibility

Saved by Christ's Faith, Not by Man's Faith

God's Memorials

One True Shepherd and One True Fold

Apostasy - Part 2


Is Your God the True God

The Effects of a Lie

Who's in Control?


Restored to a Right Relationship

Life and Peace

The World at War against God

The War on Christmas

The Coming of the Christ

The Birth of a Child of God

Not of the Will of Man, But of God

Grace Is Without Conditions or Traditions

Three Mistakes When Interpreting Scriptures

If You Were Saved by Free Will, It Wasn't by Grace

Did You Enter by the Door?

A Nation under God's Wrath

Saved by Works or Saved by Grace?

The Whole Counsel of God

The Simplicity That Is in Christ

A Better Covenant

What Act of Man Condemns God?

The Power of the Resurrection

The Powers That Be

An All-Knowing God

Whom Do You Trust?

Ye Shall Know Them by Their Fruits

Five Religious Lies

A New Year's Message for the 1st Self-Righteous Church

God's Word to His Children

Staring a National Disaster in the Face

Fearing God

Whosoever Believeth in Him

Sovereign Grace from Beginning to End

Seeking God

The Finished Work of the Cross

Frustrating Grace

Who Conditions the Heart of Man?

Is Salvation a Change of Mind or a Change of Heart?

God's Right To Set the End of Time

God's Right To Determine Man's Final Destiny

God's Right To Separate the Just from the Unjust

God's Right To Remit Sin

God's Right To Make Laws

Come, Follow Me

God's Rights vs Man's Rights

A Godless Nation

The Foundation of God Standeth Sure

The Blessed Spirit, Like the Wind

Final Score

Seek the Old Paths

Woe Unto This Nation

Condemned No More

Clay in the Potter's Hands

God's Providence

God's Power, God's Kingdom, God's Glory

In Hope of Eternal Life

Satan's Lies

How Can You Know That You Are Saved?

Putting Conditions on Salvation

In the Fullness of Time

God's Remedy for Moral Bankruptcy

Why Is Our Nation Morally Bankrupt?

A Morally Bankrupt Nation

The Call to Repent

Christ's Faith or Man's Faith

The Unchangeable Law of God

Adam's Fall

Jesus Teaches Elective Grace

The Miracle of Regeneration


The Unknown God

Salvation for the Sheep

Amazing Grace

Man in All Ungodliness

God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility

The Holy Spirit

Why Preach the Gospel?

The Foolishness of Preaching

Christ in the Old Testament - The Redeemer

Christ in the Old Testament - The Blood

Christ in the Old Testament - Abraham

Christ in the Old Testament - The Ark

Christ, The Good Shepherd

The Nature of Man's Will

Free Will or Free Grace?

Beware of False Doctrine