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Grow Your Own Freedom Garden
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Before the government completely takes control of what you eat, learn to be more self-sufficient by growing your own "Freedom Garden."
Buy heirloom seeds. You can save these seeds each year out of the crop you produce and grow food next year. When you buy seeds from commercial seed companies, you are getting hybrid seeds that will not produce the same crop the next year. The following are links to heirloom seed companies. When you harvest your crop, always remember to save enough seeds to plant the following year.

Seed Savers Exchange

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Sustainable Seed Company

My Heirloom Seeds

When To Plant

Visit the United States Arboretum to find out when to plant in your zone. Most seed packets have a similar map on the back. Some vegetables are cool weather vegetables and can be planted earlier than others. For less cold resistant vegetables, make sure all danger of frost is over in your area before you plant.

How to Plant

There are many gardening guides on the Internet for beginning gardeners. Here are links to a few of them:

Garden Guides

How to Plant a Garden

How to Take Care of a Vegetable Garden

Once your garden is planted, it will need some special care to keep weeds from taking over and vegetables growing and producing as they should. Click here for some helpful tips.

Enjoying the Harvest

For information on when to harvest vegetables click here.

Visit our Country Kitchen page for information on the nutritional value of vegetables.