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Internet Radio

Anthony Carver
Anthony Carver, UT Extension Agent
Grainger County, Tennessee

For amateur farmers and backyard gardeners, Anthony will be posting mp3 files explaining what needs to be done in the garden each season of the year. If you would like to request information to be posted, please email us

For links to farming, gardening, and heirloom seed websites, go to our

Freedom Garden page.


Soil Testing & pH

When to Plant

Weed Control

Fertilizer 101

Choosing the Best Fertilizer

Different Watering Options

Getting the Right Amount of Water

Staking Certain Crops

Keeping Out Unwanted Guests

Pruning and Suckering

Harvesting and Storing
Your Vegetables

Tomatoes and Peppers

Cantaloupes, Honey Dew & Watermelon

Okra, Squash, and Beans

Sweet Corn

Potatoes and Onions


Saving Seed for Next Year's Crop

  If you have any questions contact the Extension Office at 865-828-3411

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